Taking the traditional Egyptian wedding to a new level..

Taking the traditional Egyptian wedding to a new level..

Street weddings are common in Egypt’s poor and slum areas. They are affordable in comparison to a hotel lounge or a wedding hall. Usually a street where the groom lives is blocked with a stage at the end, a colorful Marquee with oriental patches, and loud classical oriental music is to be heard in the whole neighborhood. This image is still more or less the same, however now, the marquee has different modern designs, the music is of a completely different genre mainly an Arabic modern rap and the attendants are the ones to control the tempo of the wedding. Mohamed Khairy aka “BOLLA” 24 years old is a DJ assistant working with one of Cairo’s newest and famous DJs Wael El-Kafory. That night is his engagement party. A lot of Cairo’s new Oriental rappers are coming to take a part in the huge party a way of courtesy between the newly upcoming and locally famous DJs. At the first look I thought it is a concert held in the street between the endless apartment building rows. The local time is 9:00 pm in the cement-and-sand outskirt of the city. Most Shaabi Rap Dj’s come from “Madeniet El-Salam” –Peace City in Arabic – one of Cairo’s outskirts. Their music is loud and strong. You can hardly differentiate between the voices of the singers. They mainly sing for each other, about their lives, drugs, and their personal miseries. Like any kind of oriental art it describes their life in their own way. Smoke is everywhere, and the marquee is packed with people by 10 pm, the audience consists mainly of teenagers. They are confident of themselves and dressed in bright combinations that merge American hip-hop with Cairo street swagger. I didn’t realize that it’s Bolla’s engagement party till the man on stage shouted “BOLLA IS HEEEEEEEEEEEEERE”, and I found someone dressed in a formal suit holding a young woman who was wearing a pink dress entered the vicinity. Bolla took his bride to the far end of the marquee to sit with the women, then he took his jacket off! It wasn’t just his Jacket that was taken off, he then took his pants off and someone gave him jeans. He was dancing everywhere on the crowded dancing floor. He even climbed up the stakes holding the marquee together. On the other side of the marquee older men who look drab in comparison, were killing time smoking cigarettes, weed, and the occasional water pipe, filling the air with smoke adding to the party smoke.


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