Taking the traditional  Egyptian wedding to a new level

 Taking the traditional Egyptian wedding to a new level..

Street weddings are common in Egypt’s poor and slum areas. They are affordable in comparison to a hotel lounge  or a wedding hall. Usually a street where the groom lives is blocked with a stage at the end, a colorful Marquee with  oriental patches, and loud classical oriental music is to be heard in the whole neighborhood. This image is still more  or less the same, however now, the marquee has different modern designs, the music is of a completely different  genre mainly an Arabic modern rap and the attendants are the ones to control the tempo of the wedding ……… CONTINUE


Beni Suef.. under siege

Beni Suef is an important agricultural center, which grew from a small viSecurity forces watching the area.llage and now hosts a population of over 200,000.  Beni Suef is located about 115 km (71 mi) south of Cairo. Last week i was assigned by my newspaper to cover the city for 24 hours as violence was expected, Beni Suef is the hometown of the supreme MB guide Dr.Mohamed Badie who was arrested days before -August 20-  nearly the largest number of brotherhood supporters in Egypt are in Beni Suef, legitimacy supporters marched in the Friday of “Islamic revolution – August 30″…….. CONTINUE



Egypt’s coup  

Morsi is history.

Huge numbers of protesters asked Morsi to leave but he kept saying

“I’m the legitimate president” and this is what happen when the ruler

don’t trust his nation, The army take advantage. ….. CONTINUE


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